Controlling intelligent software combined with conventional interfaces, we provide technical THT - MT - BT and Electronics. Whether constructing or updating your line diagrams, wiring, block diagrams, generation of your terminal, cross-referencing of components, management of database or import - export data ... Under the effect of experience charged with ambitious projects, the team of the Energy Division of ESD will be your ideal partner.

Benefits : Survey of current situation, study, design, computer aided drafting, revisions.

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Autocad Electrical 2010 - Autodesk

Spécialistes du dessin assisté par ordinateur et de la conception, nos Ingénieurs, Concepteurs & Designers mettront tout en œuvre pour gagner le challenge de la “ Qualité-Productivité ”

Section mechanics involved in all types of projects liaison, assembly, implementation, simulation, prototyping preparation from design, development, industrialization through communication with the production. Through our policy of continuous training focused on the development of industrial technology in general mechanics, special machine, precision mechanics, carpentry or pipes, we offer solutions and innovative.

Specialists in computer-aided drawing and design, our engineers & Designers make every effort to win the challenge of “Quality-Productivity”.

Acquiring experiences in C.C.N. (Command & Control Man-Machine Interface) programming, configuration and graphics settings, robots and their processes are part of the regular activities of ESD.
The area is the most varied and very specific circumstances, our project engineers are at your disposal.

Specialists in computer-aided drawing and design, our engineers & Designers make every effort to win the challenge of “Quality-Productivity”.

 E.S.D. demand gradually created a service to imaging, scanning and vectorization for archiving and use "RASTER" of your plans and technical notes. We support different media: different types of paper, layers, PDF ..scanning in Black and White, Binary, grayscale or RGB color. Formats A4 to A0 + and indefinite length. The types of output files are numerous: DWG, DXF, JPEG, JPEG2, PDF, PNG, TIFF, etc.. 100 to 1200 DPI.

Services: Scanning, Vectorization, imaging (editing, layout, proofreading ...), DAO & C.A.O. on file with vectorization software technology.


E.S.D. in recent years to afford a solution of IN / OUT SOURCING for industries, PME,  D.S. and Europe.
We select very specific ways our employees specialize in industry with excellent knowledge of C.A.D. recognized expertise E.S.D. active in this field for many years. A wrongly is often not appreciated and seen as too simplistic ... ESD form and evaluates the level of his staff regularly to monitor both the technical and computing aspects.

E.S.D. 4 large family of businesses:

Working with sub-contracting requires a complete identification of the profile and its integration with the technical knowledge, function, mission type (point, medium or long term ...), qualifications (Programmers in LISP, VB, C C + - BD management etc..), the diagnostic ability of the softwares specialized ESD ... is a leading office and quality of its suppliers is just as much.

In terms of solutions:
E.S.D. ways to react very quickly expanded Sourcing and implementation of "WORKSPACE" in major European cities. (Brussels, Antwerp, Wavre, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, London, etc..)