Drawing office C.A.D - C.A.M.

E.S.D. is a Company whose skills are specialized in CAD (computer aided design), a special technique of Engineering, and works primarily for engineering firms - the industry - the third sector - Architects etc.. but also for reinforcing the Company Consultancy and Interim shortage of designers. Our experts have mastered the latest technology for your projects in computer aided drafting. Our Engineers and Designers will assist your design office in all phases of the process. We work mainly on software: AUTODESK (AutoCAD, Mechanical, Electrical, Inventor, Raster Design, 3D MAP ...) - Wise Image - PTC (Pro-Engineer) - CATIA - CANECO BT - EPLAN - SOLIDWORKS etc.. (Feel free to contact us for complete list)

Our engineers are involved in the development process to program databases, signal processing, graphics, management variables, and so on.

Project Management

E.S.D. is a provider of intellectual services have led to undertake actions on projects of small, medium and large magnitudes. Project part of a particular technique to the overall project combining electrical engineering, automation, programming, mechanics and management of the entire project. Our consultants are involved in "outsourcing" or "insourcing" to the medium and long term consultancy. We also support URGENTLY in your CAD projects, with technology working remotely, your assistance will be implemented quickly. E.S.D. has already addressed the issues and projects to date from a few sheets to 10.000 sheets per project successfully! (For reasons of confidentiality on these projects we can disseminate more accurate information on the site, please contact us for more information)

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